Url Shortner



Shortening of long URLs into shorter, more manageable links.

Redirection of the shortened URL to the original, long URL.

Tracking of clicks on the shortened URL, including information such as the number of clicks and the location of the users clicking the link.

Customization of the shortened URL, often allowing users to choose a custom alias for the link.

Integration with social media and other sharing platforms to make it easy to share shortened links.

Some URL shortening services may also provide additional features such as password protection, expiration dates, and analytics and metrics

Some of them may also provide APIs to integrate with other applications.



Our Neurochip URL shorteners will be used in many ways, it will be widely used on social media to share long links, it's also used for tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, for branding, for mobile optimization, and for security reasons, as shortened URLs can be used to obscure the original URL. Our service will help you do Marketing, Email Marketing, Sms Marketing & Branding to grow your business.

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